Call by candidate for Police Translation costs to drop

The Conservative Candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner has said Warwickshire Police cannot afford to keep spending six figure sums on interpreters. 

Philip Seccombe's comments come after a Freedom of Information request revealed between 2012 and 2015 more than £375,000 was spent on translators by the force. 

The figure is combination of both the fee for services and the expenses of the translators with £254,498 spent on services and £120,821 on expenses. 

Out of the three years, the highest spend on the service was the last financial year, 2014/2015, at £132,688 - £17,000 more than £2013/2014 and £5,000 extra when compared to 2012/2013. 

Philip Seccombe said: "I'm afraid Warwickshire Police cannot afford to continue spending this type money on interpreters with £17k rise over the last year a particular worry. 

"It is important we keep a tight rein on the cost of translation as the priority should always be to place resource into frontline and the neighbourhoods they serve. 

"If county residents choose me as Warwickshire's next Police and Crime Commissioner I will work closely with other public sector bodies and our minority communities to get a reduction in this bill."