Calm for calm and 'business as usual; over boundary proposals

The Boundary Commission for England have published revised proposals for new Parliamentary constituencies in England. The Boundary Commission have proposed more sensible changes than in their previous proposal and there will now be another consultation period before the plans are laid before Parliament. Local Conservatives have stressed that this is a necessary and routine exercise that is long overdue and should not cause any disruption.

''The original proposals left a lot to be desired and we are delighted that they have listened to the concerns of local people. The new proposals are a much better reflection of local communities.The whole exercise is intended to reduce the number of MPs from 650 to 600 and more importantly to created roughly equal sized constituencies. Currently, constituencies with barely 40,000 people are represented by 1 Member of Parliament as are areas with over 80,0000 people. ''No one could possibly defend the huge inequalities in the current boundaries.

''However, these does not mean anything changes. Jeremy Wright remains our Member of Parliament and regardless of any changes that occur he will continue to represent all his constituents in Kenilworth and Southam with the same diligence he has always had.''

The proposed changes see Kenilworth linked with South Coventry, Leek Wootton, Lapworth, Rowington, Stoneleigh, Cubbington and many surrounding villages join with and enlarged Warwick and Leamington seat and Dunchurch, Southam, Radford Semele and Harbury (along with surrounding villages) join with Rugby in a new Rugby and Southam seat.

''We would like to stress that this does mean Kenilworth becomes part of Coventry or that Harbury is now considered part of Rugby. This will not make any change to local government, schools or house prices and will merely mean that at the next election these areas may have a different Member of Parliament than they do at present.''