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Update from Warwick District Council

Welcome news this week that the Government have eased the lockdown, albeit in limited and targeted ways. This important step also marks the beginning of our road to recovery, when we expect to encounter further challenges and opportunities.

Jeremy Wright update

The current restrictions on our lives, imposed to control the spread of Covid 19, are inconvenient for all of us, me included.

Constituents thanks Jeremy for his work on the Hastings Medical Centre

I have helped to negotiate the NHS processes and secure the necessary funding to build this valuable new resource for Wellesbourne and the surrounding area.

But don’t take my word for it – you can see here a letter from the GP who helped lead the project. See the attached link

Wellesbourne Airfield

I completely support the continued operation of the site as an airfield and fully recognise the historical, cultural and economic benefits it brings to our community.

Jeremy Wright's view on Brexit

Throughout the complex and lengthy Parliamentary processes over Brexit, it has remained true that there are effectively only 3 options: leave with a deal, leave without a deal, or do not leave at all.