The choice tomorrow

With voting to begin at 7am on Thursday, opinion polls say the election is too close to call - the Conservatives need 9 more seats for a majority, but opposition parties only need to make 12 gains to prolong the chaos and uncertainty of a hung parliament.

Constituents thanks Jeremy for his work on the Hastings Medical Centre

I have helped to negotiate the NHS processes and secure the necessary funding to build this valuable new resource for Wellesbourne and the surrounding area.

But don’t take my word for it – you can see here a letter from the GP who helped lead the project. See the attached link

Wellesbourne Airfield

I completely support the continued operation of the site as an airfield and fully recognise the historical, cultural and economic benefits it brings to our community.

Jeremy Wright's view on Brexit

Throughout the complex and lengthy Parliamentary processes over Brexit, it has remained true that there are effectively only 3 options: leave with a deal, leave without a deal, or do not leave at all.

Jeremy's view on HS2

My argument has always been that, although I think there is real merit in a high speed rail network in the UK, high speed railway lines would achieve their objectives with much less damage if they follow existing transport corridors, running alongside roads or railway lines which have already bee

Kenilworth station

Kenilworth had been without a railway station for 50 years before the new station opened on 30th April last year. MPs for Kenilworth have tried to get the station re-opened for almost all of that time.

Kenilworth school

We are fortunate in Kenilworth to have excellent schools for our young people. Kenilworth School is already widely respected outstanding.

Vote on Thursday to break the gridlock

Two days before polling day, the Prime Minister is taking nothing for granted - whilst the Conservatives only need to gain 9 seats to get an overall majority, Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the SNP only need to gain 12 more to put Jeremy Corbyn in Downing Street at the head of a coalition with