Jeremy Wright's Christmas message

Christmas is a magical time, especially for children – a time filled with beautifully decorated trees sparkling with coloured lights, presents and thoughts of Santa’s sleigh rushing through the sky led by his loyal reindeer. It is also a time that brings people together – singing carols, decorating trees and enjoying the company family and friends.  

However, Christmas can also be a difficult time, and the joy of many is tempered by the sadness of those for whom 2015 has been a more difficult year. Whilst many people living in Kenilworth and Southam spend time with their loved ones, for some, both in my constituency and further afield, the Christmas period magnifies feelings of loneliness and isolation. Others may feel the absence of loved ones whom they are separated from this year. More will be battling illness. 

Christmas is a time to reach out and I am sure that many of my constituents will be doing just that. I would like to pay tribute to those who have given back to this wonderful community over the last year and to those who will continue to give their time and effort to helping those who may be less fortunate in the year to come. Your help and commitment is appreciated by those that you serve and invaluable to society as a whole. 

Of course, as we relax over the Christmas period, we must not forget the men and women who will be working hard to provide essential services. As we open our presents and tune into Christmas television, for many of those who work in healthcare, social care, the emergency services and the hospitality industry it will be ‘business as usual’. I do hope that you will raise a glass to those hard at work as you sit down to pull crackers and enjoy your Christmas dinner.

It is a privilege to represent this fantastic constituency and I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas.