Kenilworth station

Kenilworth had been without a railway station for 50 years before the new station opened on 30th April last year. MPs for Kenilworth have tried to get the station re-opened for almost all of that time. I was able to bring together Warwickshire County Council, the Department for Transport, Network Rail and others necessary to deliver the project, so that obstacles to its delivery could be removed. I also helped to secure £4.9 million towards the cost of the station from the DFT’s New Stations Fund.

More progress has been made with the introduction of 2-coach trains this year and the expansion of the service from Kenilworth to reach Nuneaton and to run on Sundays. If re-elected I will pursue further improvements, so that we can get Kenilworth residents where they want to go and bring visitors to the town by rail rather than by road.