Our United Kingdom

The people of Scotland have spoken. It is a clear result. They have kept our country of four nations together.

MP Fights New Threat to Holy Well

Local MP, Jeremy Wright, will be supporting campaigners of Holywell Field again as a new threat hits the Area of Restraint in Stowe Valley.

Lib Dems dream of a Brussels FBI

Liberal Democrat MEP’s enthusiasm for giving even more powers to the EU has seen him call for it to have its own FBI-style law-enforcement agency - with sweeping powers to intervene in criminal investigations across the continent.

Investing in Britain's future

Britain at its best is a country that invests in its future. For centuries, we have been pioneers – we were the inventors of infrastructure from the steam engine to the world wide web.

Carbon targets exceeded on Whitehall

The Prime Minister has today announced that government offices in Whitehall have smashed carbon emission targets, having cut carbon use by 14% in just one year.

Happy 63rd Birthday to the NHS

The Prime Minister and Secretary of State for Health have paid tribute to the tireless hard work and dedication of doctors and nurses who have transformed millions of lives since the NHS was created 63 years ago.