Andy Crump

Warwickshire County Councillor for Southam and Stratford on Avon District Councillor for Southam South

Andy has lived and been educated in and around Southam all his life, playing football and cricket for Southam, captaining the 3rds to promotion a few years ago. Now retired, he remains the Club’s Treasurer. Married with 3 children aged 19 to 24. he is a keen dog walker, recycler (and litter-picker). He has been actively involved in the town’s affairs for many years, since first joining the Town Council in 2007. In the past he has worked with the Town Clerk (and others) to improve several Southam open spaces and play areas. He would like to see enough recreation, green and open space so that all Southam residents can take part in some sort of recreational activity.
He has worked hard representing Southam at Stratford District Council and has tried to communicate with the people of Southam about what will/is going to affect them, in particular in areas such as planning, refuse and recycling and street cleaning. He holds Councillor Surgeries in the Library on a regular basis, listening to residents’ concerns etc. This year he has managed to get an unsafe, derelict factory unit boarded up and several areas made passable again on foot. Several unwanted proposed developments (the community’s words) have been stopped. He has worked with many residents on this and feel we made an effective team and will continue to be opposed to HS2.

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