Emma Crane

Rugby Borough Councillor for Leam Valley Ward

Emma became a councillor for Leam Valley ward in 2015 and was re-elected by a large majority in 2019. She was appointed to the Rugby Borough Council cabinet in 2017 with responsibility for Homes and Communities.  Emma lives in Grandborough with her family and works for an environmental charity.  Emma loves getting out into the beautiful Leam Valley countryside and is committed to protecting our local wildlife and valued landscapes from inappropriate development. Emma set up and ran a small business and is keen to support rural enterprise by making sure the right infrastructure is in place to help businesses thrive.  Emma stands up for the issues people care about and is a strong local voice for rural communities on Rugby Borough Council. 


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Peter Eccleson

Rugby Borough Councillor for Dunsmore Ward

Peter has lived in Warwickshire for over 20 years.

Married to Zoe, they live in Dunchurch with their two young children Rory (12) and Zara (7) who attend local schools.

Deepah Roberts

Rugby Borough Councillor for Dunsmore Ward

I have been your Borough Councillor since 2014, and before this I served on Dunchurch Parish Council, and so have a track record of service in local government. During this time I have worked tirelessly to offer you a first class service.